Rumor: No Flash, Green Lantern In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice


With Warner Bros. and DC moving full speed ahead in setting up a film version of the Justice League in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this would seem to be a great time to be a fan of any of the traditional team members. However, a report in Latino Review suggests that we might have to pump the brakes on our enthusiasm for seeing two of the classic founding members on the big screen — and of course, it’s the two that are this writer’s personal favorites!

Latino Review’s Kellvin Chavez says that the Flash may not end up in the movie, as he’s seen only in two quick scenes: one in which he’s simply a blur and another where he’s in street clothes. However that scene could be chopped from the final cut of Batman v Superman we see in theaters, meaning we won’t really get to see Ezra Miller as Barry Allen at all.

The other Leaguer rumored to be absent from the film is Green Lantern. That’s not a shocker since the character was never announced or confirmed for this movie in the first place, so Warner Bros. would have been playing it extremely close to the vest to sneak in Hal Jordan or any other ring-bearer.

Historically, both Flash and Green Lantern are founders of the Justice League, arguably the two characters most closely associated with it after the DC Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. That’s also true of the New 52 version of the team, which swaps Martian Manhunter for Cyborg (who is rumored to make a quick debut in Batman v Superman) but otherwise remains the same.

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It would be strange indeed for both members of the “Big 7” not to figure into the standalone Justice League films, especially with Miller already cast as the Fastest Man Alive, but if this rumor is true, they’ll have to be worked into the DC Extended Universe somewhere else — especially since The Flash isn’t scheduled until after Justice League Part One. We’ll see how all of this plays out when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

(via Heroic Hollywood)