How Does Rest Of Justice League Fit In To Batman v Superman?


Do the seven members of the Justice League actually unite in Batman v Superman?

We know Batman v Superman isn’t just about Batman and Superman. It’s supposed to be a gateway to the whole DC movie universe, and more specifically, the Justice League. So of course other members of the league are bound to show up in Batman v Superman, right?

Well we know Wonder Woman is a major part of Batman v Superman, she’s in the trailers after all. We also know Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is in the film, but not to what extent. Heavily rumored to appear is the Flash, albeit in a blink and you might miss it cameo. The status of other leaguers such as Green Lantern and Cyborg is less certain.

However Latino Review claims to have the scoop on exactly who in The Justice League is in Batman v Superman and what role, if any they will play. These are rumors, but also potential spoilers, so only read on if you want a possible idea of how these characters might figure into the film.

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Aquaman may have the biggest role of the remaining JL members, as he is brought in by Lex Luthor. Possibly as an enemy of Batman and Superman at first? Heck, he could be the actual final act of the film, as it’s been hinted that the battle with Doomsday is not.

The Flash may not make it into the final cut of the film, He apparently appears as a quick blur, than once again in plainclothes. But it is just a quick cameo, and may be cut when all is said and done.

Cyborg will be in the movie, but just a cameo. No mention of Martian Manhunter, and no Green Lantern, but given that no one has been cast for any Green Lantern role as of yet, that’s not surprising.

Is any of this true? It certainly sounds possible. We’ll just have to wait until we see Batman v Superman in March to find out for sure…