Spider-Man Has Been Robbing Banks In Georgia


Say it ain’t so, Peter Parker!

The current Amazing Spider-Man series features everyone’s favorite wall-crawler as a titan of industry, heading up a burgeoning tech giant. In real life, well, things might not be so rosy for Spider-Man.

Or at least they aren’t for a guy dressing like Spider-Man who’s been robbing banks in Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a man in a Spidey mask robbed the Traditions Bank in Cornelia, using the same mask and M.O. (claiming to have a bomb strapped to him) as the suspect in a similar robbery in Gwinnett County last month.

You have to hand it to this ersatz Spider-Man for really wanting to protect his secret identity by wearing that hoodie and hat as well as the mask. He almost looks like a cross between Spidey and Ben Grimm when he used to try to go out incognito in old issues of Fantastic Four.

CBR’s Robot 6 blog muses that if it isn’t the same robber, perhaps a Spider-clone is involved. Jokes aside, we’re hoping the cops catch this guy or guys soon so he stops sullying the Spider-Man name. J. Jonah Jameson is going to have a field day with this any moment now …