New Captain America: Civil War Promo Asks You To Pick A Side


If you aren’t familiar with Disney Channel On The Set, I can only assume it’s because you don’t have two elementary school-age kids like I do. I bring that up only because the segment features two young hosts going behind the scenes of upcoming Disny projects, and wouldn’t you know it, Captain America: Civil War is a Disney film. Huzzah!

In the promo video you can watch below, host Janelle got to visit the Civil War set, where she talked to stars Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier) and found out … well, nothing, really. Blaine, meanwhile, tracked down Robert Downey Jr. and got to engage in a Team Tony handshake.

The upshot is that it asks viewers to pick a side in the conflict between superheroes, something that could be a tricky for fans who aren’t yet up to speed on the nature of the issue that divides them. On the other hand, comic book readers are only too familiar with this particular rift, with Comic Book Resources reminding us that “Whose side are you on?” was a big part of the marketing push behind the original Civil War comic book series — and no doubt will be a theme revisited in Civil War II when it arrives in print later this year.

Since this is a Disney Channel video, it makes sure to remind us at the end that some scenes in the movie may be too intense for kids. That’s probably true, so I’ll have to apologize to my own children for saying they most likely won’t be allowed to see Captain America: Civil War in theaters on May 6, 2016.