Daredevil Season 2 Coming To Netflix In March


It’s been rumored that Daredevil would return to Netflix less than a year after its April 2015 debut, and now that rumor has been confirmed.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Daredevil Season 2 will hit Netflix in March, giving us 13 new episodes on which to binge. Charlie Cox returns as the Man Without Fear, now established as a costumed crimefighter in Hell’s Kitchen after his perilous confrontation with Wilson Fisk in Season 1.

The big addition to the new season is Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher. Though equally obsessed with making the streets safer, Castle’s methods are more violent than Matt Murdock’s, as he’d much rather leave bullet holes in criminals than bring them to justice.

Honestly, The Punisher sounds like the perfect foil to Daredevil for continuing his internal conflict, as he had more than his fair share of doubts about whether he was already crossing the line as his costumed alter ego. EW says that Season 2 will have “a faster pace, more romance, and some morally complex storytelling.” You should also check out that site’s blurb for a sweet pic of The Punisher with Daredevil chained up — and though I almost typed “helpless” there, I really should know better.

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What we don’t have yet is an exact release date for Daredevil, but you can bet that if Marvel and Netflix feel comfortable with media outlets confirming the month that the info we crave won’t be far behind. We’ll be tracking and anxiously awaiting this one and let you know when to start preparing for a Season 2 cram session.