New Deadpool TV Spot Debuts During The Bachelor


And it actually made sense for it to air during that show! You’ll only have to watch about the first 15 seconds of it below to figure out why.

What I want to know is why the spot assumes the guy wants to see a superhero movie and the girlfriend is looking for a love story? It could be that way … or the other way around.

Anyway, the rose is a nice touch. As others have pointed out, there’s not really much new footage in this trailer, so there’s a good chance you’ve seen most of it already.

The thing is, while much of Deadpool’s comic book origin may or may not be true, there really was a time when he was motivated by a romantic relationship with a young woman named Vanessa Carlysle. In the film, his love interest is also named Vanessa (played by the awesome Morena Baccarin), so all we’re saying is that this subplot isn’t entirely unprecedented.

We’re certainly not suggesting that the love story part of Deadpool is going to outweigh the violence and off-color humor, but it’s not as crazy as it seems for a tie-in with The Bachelor. At least for this one night, anyway. Expect another TV spot or two, perhaps airing during something more obvious, before Deadpool heads to theaters on February 12.