The Flash: Robbie Amell Returning As Earth 2 Firestorm?


Robbie Amell is filming scenes for The Flash as Ronnie Raymond again. Only he might not be the Ronnie we already got to know and love.

From the @Canadagraphs Twitter account comes this set pic of Amell in what is described as his “Earth 2 outfit as Firestorm.” That’s certainly possible, given the overall arc of Season 2 of The Flash and the fact that the Earth 1 Ronnie was lost while saving Central City.

Except …

If this Ronnie is the Earth 2 version, it will be the first time any character from that world has the same powers/identity as their Earth 1 counterpart. We’re not saying that couldn’t happen, just pointing out that it hasn’t turned out that way for anyone so far. Honestly, Harrison Wells running S.T.A.R. Labs on both worlds is probably the closest we’ve come to a situation like this.

It’s also worth noting that perhaps this is the Earth 1 Ronnie who became part of Firestorm after traveling to Earth 2. We never did see his body, after all, and it’s possible he just got sucked through the singularity at the end of Season 1 and ended up somewhere else. It would be a nice nod to Silver Age DC Comics, where characters like Black Canary and Red Tornado started on one Earth and ended up on another.

Last but not least, Comic Book Resources wonders if Amell is shooting a scene for Legends of Tomorrow and not The Flash. That series will debut on January 21 with the current team of Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein as Firestorm, but its time-traveling gimmick always raises the question of a previous version of the Nuclear Man joining up — or a future one, for that matter.

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Personally, my hope is that this is the real deal Earth 1 Ronnie Raymond, since his “death” seemed a little too tidy and glossed over for me. The truth will arrive sometime during the next few months, as The Flash returns with new episodes on January 19.