Gotham: See Paul Reubens As Mr. Cobblepot


Paul Reubens plays Penguin’s father on the returning Gotham, get a first look at him in character here!

We’ve still got a long 7 weeks until Gotham returns, but we have received a good tease in the form of an on set photo of the Penguin,Robin Lord Taylor with his on-screen father, Paul Reubens!

This seems like a very fan-service casting for Gotham, as Paul Reubens has actually played the Penguin’s father once before in the movie Batman Returns. That was presumably a much smaller role as he was only briefly in that film. There are a lot of questions surrounding Peguin’s father obviously. Who is he? Where has he been all this time? Why is he appearing only now? Check out the on-set photo of Reubens and Taylor together below:

I can totally see the resemblance, can’t you?

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One thing is for sure it’s a shame they killed off Gertude Cobblepot earlier in the season. Seeing Carol Kane and Paul Reubens interact on screen would be quite the treat. Maybe we will get to see them together in some sort of flashback scenes?

Regardless, there is still a lot we really don’t know about Penguin’s father. Is he a high-ranking criminal like his son? Is he where Penguin gets his more violent tendencies from? Will father and son make a dangerous team or will they be at odds, and what would either mean for Gotham as whole? Hopefully we will start finding the answers to some of these questions when Gotham returns from hiatus February 29th on Fox!