Travel Back To 1975 In New Legends Of Tomorrow Promo Video


If you’ve been eagerly awaiting DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, you already know that time travel is an important part of its core conceit. And while that power suggests visits to the mysterious past and far-flung possible futures, it also can be used to journey to some truly bizarre eras — like the 1970s!

In the latest promo video for the series, you’ll see Rip Hunter explain why he can “Break All the Rules” in his role as a time master. According to Hunter, it’s okay to make “discrete alterations to the timeline.” I suppose it’s just wild, uncontrolled alterations like we’ve seen on The Flash and Arrow that are bad news.

The real highlight, though, is the team headed back to October 17, 1975. There we see Martin Stein admire the full head of hair possessed by his younger self, who proceeds to make White Canary an offer. Also, Canary and Jefferson Jackson are dressed in 70s clothes. Nice.

Oh, and Hawkgirl punches Rip in the face, with his dialogue suggesting it’s not the first time that happens. Can he hold his hand-picked team together in order to stave off a future where Vandal Savage rules the world? We’ll find out together when Legends of Tomorrow premieres on The CW on Thursday, January 21.