Batgirl Should Come To Supergirl


Supergirl’s best friend in crime-fighting should join the hit show

Supergirl is a smash hit. And while everyone is wondering if and when it will cross over with shows like Flash and Arrow, I’m wondering if Supergirl will deservedly get to fight crime with her best friend, Batgirl!

It’s pretty simple reasoning here. Supergirl and Batgirl have often been close if not best friends in the various comic books and the TV shows they’ve appeared in, and there’s virtually no reason that couldn’t continue into the realm of TV. It could very much be like the relationship between Flash & Arrow on the CW, with them helping out one another on occasion, and Supergirl could use a real partner in crime-fighting who isn’t tied to a government organization like her sister is.

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And of course, much like the Flash, Batgirl could easily spin-off in to her own TV show, which should be the ultimate goal. Right now there is an unprecedented amount of superheroes on both the big and the small screen, and let’s face it, a whopping 99% of it is male superheroes (or at least shows/movies led by male superheroes). If you want a female superhero show, it’s Supergirl, Agent Carter or Jessica Jones. All great shows, but there’s plenty of room for more, and I honestly feel that Batgirl is a superhero ripe for her own show, especially one based on the current Batgirl run, where Batgirl is a superhero in college, recently recovered from long-term paralysis, and has superhero friends like Black Canary hanging out with her all the time (although maybe throw some other female superhero in that specific role because I like the idea that Batgirl conceivably exists in the Arrowverse for the possibility of a mega Flash/Arrow/Supergirl/Batgirl crossover and of course there’s a Black Canary on Arrow already). They could even have Dick Grayson stop by every now and again.

Batgirl is certainly a great character that deserves to be on TV in some form (and I honestly don’t think DC has any big movie plans for her), not just languishing in comics while her bff is the sole representation of DC super heroines at the moment. Hopefully CBS and DC TV show wunderkin Andrew Kreisberg realize this and bring her on TV in some fashion, be it as a regular on Supergirl or her own TV show (please be both).

The best way you can make this happen, dear reader, is to watch Supergirl of course (and it is a very fun show) and let the network and showrunners know that you want this to happen!