Daredevil Season 2 Arrives On Netflix March 18


With rumors swirling as of late that Daredevil Season 2 was going to hit Netflix on March 25, the same day that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flies into movie theaters, it briefly sent comic book and superhero Twitter into a frenzy. Some thought it was going to be no big deal, while others spoke of “disruption” and still others fretted that it was going to be a fan crisis of some sort.

Consider that crisis averted. Netflix released an official teaser trailer for Daredevil today that not only contains all the atmosphere you could ever want, it also clarifies the release date. Season 2 will arrive on March 18, with all 13 episodes hitting the streaming service at midnight Pacific/3 am Eastern.

With Matt Murdock’s faith always an integral part of his character, the teaser skillfully uses the ceiling of an imaginary chapel to help guide us through a review of Season 1. As the camera pulls out and shows us the huge Daredevil mural behind the altar, we begin to hear dialogue from Season 2, beginning with a line we’ve heard before: Matt asking his priest why he still feels guilt.

After the priest suggests it’s because Murdock’s work is not yet finished, the windows of the church shatter as if blown out by gunfire. It’s a dramatic way to announce the presence The Punisher will have this season.

And yes, it leaves no doubt that Season 2 (or Two, as Netflix likes to write it) will arrive worldwide on March 18. That should give you plenty of time to binge-watch all 13 episodes and still get some sleep before going to see Batman v Superman the following week. No worries.