Batman v Superman: Affleck Was Always Perfect Choice


Zack Snyder explains why Ben Affleck was always the perfect choice to play Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman

Although I think most of the doubters have been silenced, when Ben Affleck was initially cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, it seemed like an odd choice. Not only did he bring plenty of baggage, but well, he’s kind of old to be jumpstarting a DC movie universe that might go for 10 years or more. But as Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder tells People, Affleck was always the top choice  for him.

"He’s an amazing Bruce Wayne, let’s just be frank about that. And then when he puts the cowl on, you know he’s got the chin for it. Casting Ben felt like a no brainer to me. I know that there was some backlash, but he’s just so perfect to me, especially in his size and his age. I’m sure once the fans discover it, they’ll feel the same way I do. He’s certainly got the chops for it, so I didn’t quite get the initial reaction.I took that picture of him next to the Batmobile. When I looked at the back of the camera to see what it looked like, I was like, ‘Holy s—, that is ridiculously perfect."

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I’ve said it before, I honestly think anybody who complained about Ben Affleck being cast just thinks of him as the guy from admitted garbage like Gigli and Jersey Girl. Ben Affleck has spent the better part of the last six years directing and/or starring in some of the most highly acclaimed films of those last six years ( The Town, Gone Baby Gone, Argo, Gone Girl) . Ben Affleck pulling off a great performance both as Batman and Bruce Wayne (something I think nobody’s ever really done successfully) is one of the few aspects of Batman v Superman I’m super confident of. Let’s hope the rest of the movie comes together as well. We’ll find out March 25th.