Don’t Expect To See Spider-Man In Captain America: Civil War Trailers Or Merch


We live in a spoiler-filled culture. Companies often dislike that and decry how difficult it is to surprise fans, but sometimes they embrace it, teasing audiences before movies, shows or comics come out.

Thus, it’s logical to think that since we’re already aware that Tom Holland will make his debut as the new shared Marvel/Sony Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War that he’d be part of the marketing campaign for the film as it gets closer to release. According to the movie’s directors, though, that won’t be the case.

Speaking to the Russo brothers prior to this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans, asked them straight out if Spider-Man would be featured in any Civil War trailers or on any merchandise that would hit stores before May, and they were pretty straightforward with their answers.

After Anthony Russo gave a flat, “No. We really can’t comment on that,” Joe Russo elaborated on that stance just a tad more:

"Part of making these movies is maintaining surprise so that everybody’s excited and that’s one we’re going to make fans surprised."

While some fans will no doubt applaud that position, it’s an interesting one to take for a money-making behemoth like Disney, the parent company of Marvel. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduction of Spidey unquestionably a big deal, the temptation to cash in on it early and often has to be strong indeed.

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Kudos to all involved for not giving in to it, as it’s not like they won’t be able to crank out the Spider-Man merchandise to hit right around or after Captain America: Civil War invades theaters. That day is getting closer all the time, as the movie is set for a May 6 release.