See Batmobile Collide With Man Of Steel In New Batman V Superman TV Spot


Not that we ever need a reason for more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice footage, but director Zack Snyder managed to find one anyway.

Snyder used the opening of the NFL Playoffs as the impetus to release a new 30-second TV spot via his Twitter feed. If you’ve ever wanted to find out what happens when the Batmobile collides with Superman, you’ll find your answer here.

The interaction between the two heroes is also pretty great.

Note that the scene shows us a moment we had teased way back in the very first Batman v Superman teaser. That’d be Batman asking Superman if he bleeds before promising, “You will.”

This TV spot puts that dialogue in context, and it’s very much like Batman to finish his thought even after Superman flies away. Who knows if the Dark Knight knows Supes can still hear him at this point in their DC Extended Universe relationship, but given Batman’s obsessive preparedness and attention to detail, I’d bet he does.

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We’re sure you all know this by now, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on March 24, and if Snyder wants to use any other sporting events as inspiration to get us even more hyped up, consider us definitely in favor.