Gotham: Batgirl Will Be Addressed


There are plans for Batgirl on Gotham

Gotham is not a show afraid to mess with Batman canon. One of the biggest examples of this is Barbara Keane, mother of future Batgirl Barbara Gordon. On Gotham, she’s currently a psychotic serial killer specifically at odds with Jim Gordon, so it seems like there is no way that Barbara Gordon would ever be born, and if Jim has a daughter (Leslie Thompkins is currently pregnant, but we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet), he certainly has no reason to name her after his literally psycopathic ex-fiance.

But Gotham star Ben McKenzie gave a very interesting answer about Batgirl at this weekend’s New Orleans Wizard World Convention. Saying that Barbara Gordon is something they “hope to address in the life of the show”. So while it may not be answered say during the second half of season two, assuming the show runs long enough,, there seem to be plans to have Barbara Gordon come into existence at some point.

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McKenzie also reminded the audience that Barbara Keane isn’t dead, and will be coming back to Gotham at some point.

"She’s in a coma, and in Gotham< that means she's very much alive and she's coming back. And they have a very complicated relationship, which we've only really begun to explore. There's a lot more to come."

The circumstances that would have to happen for Barbara Gordon to be born and Barbara Keane and James Gordon to be her parents would have to be pretty nuts, but Gotham excels at being pretty nuts. See plenty of examples of this when Gotham returns on February 29th.

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