How The Batman of Batman v Superman Is Different


Zack Snyder explains how the Batman of Batman v Superman is different from previous iterations

Batman v Superman is the latest of  many times we have seen Batman on screen. But how does the Batman played by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman differ from previous versions?

Zack Snyder explained in an interview that this Batman is a more seasoned hero than you are used to seeing. One who is at one of those points of crisis where he burnt out and is asking himself if he even made a difference.

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So what re-ignites the fire in Batman in Batman v Superman? Well alien destruction of course! Specifically the alien destruction and loss of innocent life in Man Of Steel, says Zack Snyder.

"You can see the idea of the innocent being victimized by whatever they are, aliens, he doesn’t know — that’s the thing that really boils his blood, as you can imagine it would. Suddenly the innocent children of the world are all of us."

Other movies featuring Batman haven’t really portrayed his tendency of extreme paranoia about super-powered beings, but there hasn’t really been an opportunity before. Batman is a human hero fighting human villains. Batman v Superman is at least on some level Batman’s worst fears about super beings come to life. In the comics, even being friends with beings like Superman & Martian Manhunter, he has a contingency plan, always ready at a moment’s notice to take these teammates and friends out should they ever turn out to be a danger to humanity. Will this be properly portrayed in Batman v Superman? We’ll find out March 24th.