Could Russo Brothers Finally Get Black Widow Movie Made?


Amid the ongoing discussion about the lack of a female-fronted Marvel Cinematic Universe film –a fact that will change when Captain Marvel releases in 2019 — it’s hard to escape the idea that Marvel could have simply made a Black Widow movie. Not only is Natasha Romanoff well-established with the general public after appearing in three blockbuster MCU outings, she’s even portrayed by a bankable star in Scarlett Johansson.

The reasoning for the lack of a Black Widow solo movie has inevitably come down to timing or the lack of a script. But maybe what the idea really needs is someone within Marvel to champion it. Someone like, say, the studio’s current go-to directors …

Joe and Anthony Russo haven’t done that yet in so many words, but they certainly seem enthusiastic about a Natasha feature in theory. Speaking during a recent press event in China (as relayed by Comic Book Resources), Joe Russo responded very positively when ashed if the brothers would be interested in directing such a film.

"Hell, yeah. We love that character. We find that the character is one of the richest, if not the richest, character in the Marvel Universe. A very, very complex character, is haunted by demons. Her understanding of the world is fascinating, and I think there’s a lot that can be done with that character."

That still doesn’t solve the problem of the right script, though Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley would no doubt be up to the challenge after giving Natasha some great moments during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Logistics would also ensure that we couldn’t even think about a Black Widow movie until next decade, as all four men will be tied up with Avengers: Infinity War through 2019.

Still, it’s hard to imagine that if that group went to Marvel in a few years and said, “Look, we’ve got a dynamite idea for a Black Widow movie,” that the studio wouldn’t at least listen. It’s worth keeping the faith for now anyway.

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Black Widow will make her next appearance soon, when Captain America: Civil War arrives on May 6.