Mystery Marvel Promo Says Someone Is Dead No More


Looks like someone is coming back to life in the Marvel Universe.

I’m not sure what else to make of the mysterious new teaser image that Marvel sent out today, one that only includes the phrase “Dead No More” in white letters on a plain black background. The email that it came with had only the same phrase in its subject line.

Here’s the whole thing:

My first guess is that this has something to do with Wolverine, who was memorably killed off in the fall of 2014 and has been gone for nearly a year and a half, which is pretty long by current standards. Even though people are digging All-New Wolverine, with X-23 in the title role, and an alternate future version of the Canadian badass is running around as well, my gut tells me the real deal might be the one returning.

You also can’t rule out Deadpool, who is very much alive right now, but was also killed off prior to Secret Wars. Maybe this is some way of Marvel teasing a dramatic return and then pulling a bait and switch with a humorous tale of how Wade Wilson was restored to the land of the living.

My money is still on Wolverine. More to follow, I’m sure.