Report: Rocksteady Not Working On New Batman Game


Even after wrapping up the Batman: Arkham series of video games, there was some hope that Rocksteady Studios wasn’t quite done with Batman. The popular developer even fanned the flames of those rumors itself with an unexpected tease while promoting the final Batman: Arkham Knight DLC.

A new Rocksteady Batman game could always happen down the road, but a report in Bleeding Cool suggests it won’t be the next thing the studio tackles. Patrick Dane has a great piece up on the site now speculating about the possibility of new Batman/Superman of Justice League games coming, though they’d come from WB Montreal.

He also directly addresses whether or not Rocksteady’s next project will include the Dark Knight:

"Now I have been privy to multiple sources that say Rocksteady indeed are not working on a new Batman game, and it was heavily implied to me they were not working on anything DC related. I’ve heard phrases like the studio ‘is moving in a totally different direction’ more than once. My best guess is that the studio will be launching a new IP, but that is pure conjecture."

This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. It’s entirely possible the Rocksteady crew needs some time to recharge its batteries when it comes to DC superheroes in general and Batman in particular. A few years off to work on something else would allow all involved to come back firing on all cylinders. It’s not like Batman is going anywhere.

Still, this thought might disappoint those who were hoping for a different take on a Batman video game from the people who made a few awesome ones over the past six or seven years. To you, I simply say go back, dust off Batman: Arkham City and revel in the past while we wait for the future to sort itself out.