Batman: Bad Blood Shows Crimefighting Is Rough On Dating


It’s tough balancing crime-fighting and a love life, as shown in this clip from Batman: Bad Blood

Batman: Bad Blood is coming out in just a couple weeks, and it will actually feature lots of Batman’s various partners in crimefighing (even though he’s constantly portrayed as a crazy loner), including former Robin Nightwing aka Dick Grayson.

And in Batman: Bad Blood, Nightwing is trying to balance both having a love life (with Starfire) and fighting crime. But as has been proven so many times in the past, that’s a really hard thing to do, as we can see in this new clip:

Of course, now this brings the question of if Starfire is going to make a actual appearance in Batman: Bad Blood. It’s certainly a possibility. There is a Justice League v Teen Titans animated movie coming out at some point this year. Although honestly I don’t find it incredibly likely, as this is a movie focusing on the extended Bat-family, and may not have room for any extra characters frankly.

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Batman: Bad Blood is the first of several DC animated movies coming our way in 2016, and one of two Batman-specific movies coming out this year, the other being the adaptation of the Killing Joke (though that is outside the current DC animated universe continuity that is going on at the moment). Batman: Bad Blood release digitally on January 19th and will release on DVD & Blu-Ray February 2nd. Expect a full review on Caped Crusades as soon as possible after it is out on Blu-Ray!

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