See The First Clip From The Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere


We’re sure you’re already plenty excited for the Agent Carter Season 2 premiere, but just in case you need some extra motivation to see Peggy Carter back in action again, Marvel has decided to provide it for you.

It comes in the form of a one-minute clip from the upcoming premiere entitled “Agent Carter’s Breaking & Entering 101.” Stymied in their attempt to investigate the mysterious Isodyne Energy, Peggy and her new boss Daniel Sousa both show that they’re plenty capable of turning on the charm when necessary.

Alas, it doesn’t look like Agent Carter has been able to completely escape the shadow of sexism by switching coasts, judging by how surprised some of those scientist types seem when they see her.

That final bit is pretty awesome too. “Do you want to be thunderstruck?” We’re certainly hoping that’s the feeling we get after watching the first two episodes of Agent Carter Season 2, which are just around the corner at 9 pm on Tuesday, January 19 on ABC.