Zack Snyder Shows Off New Batman V Superman Clip On Conan


Conan O’Brien is a friend to the comic book and superhero community, as evidenced by his massive presence at Comic-Con in 2015. So when he had Zack Snyder on Conan on January 13, fans had just one big question: would the host convince the director to show off a new Batman v Superman clip?

Happily, the answer was yes. Snyder seemed to be in a pleasant enough mood as he answered questions about driving the Batmobile at Comic-Con and the thought process behind the Batmobile we’ll see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceexplaining that it was purpose-built by Bruce Wayne. He also joked about the scene where Superman stands on the vehicle, which we’ve seen before.

Snyder also revealed Christian Bale’s advice for Ben Affleck (which was to put a zipper in the Batman suit), while Conan more or less just said he’d “go” in his costume. O’Brien got some boos from the audience by joking that Snyder was refusing to show the clip he brought with him, but it was simply a tease for the new clip.

As you can see below, the footage is a more in-depth look at the exchange between Superman and Batman that ends with the now-famous line, “Do you bleed? You will.” It appears that Superman is telling Batman he needs to stop his nocturnal crimefighting, as he tells him to stop responding to the Bat-Signal and that, “the Bat is dead.”

Good stuff. Snyder will get to see the reaction to his entire film before too long, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice smashes its way into theaters on March 24.