Is Ben Affleck Directing A Solo Batman Movie?


Ben Affleck is directly asked if he’s directing a solo Batman film

Ben Affleck is a big movie star, but he’s also an incredibly accomplished director, and there’s been strong rumors for awhile now that he has been so impressive as Batman to Warner Bros. executives that they have greenlit a Batman solo movie (or possibly even a whole trilogy) with Ben Affleck directing. But none of this is confirmed. Ben Affleck was recently asked if part of the reason he took on the role of Batman was in order to direct his own Batman film.

"I’ll just say going through the process, I would never have imagined that I could or would direct a movie like this.[I]n working with [Snyder] and seeing what he did and watching him every day, I got really inspired by that and by seeing the scope on which he was telling the story, by seeing what he was able to do with this kind of mythic story on a grand scale."

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Well granted, Ben Affleck has never directed a movie of this scope, but he certainly seems inspired by working with Zack Snyder on a big budget superhero film. So even if he doesn’t do a Batman film, maybe he can do another superhero movie? One thing I know is that Warner Bros. would be missing out on an incredible opportunity to have a guy who has directed some of the best films of the last 6 or 7 years helm one of their superhero films. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of definitive answer soon.