Marvel’s Agent Carter Recap – “A View In The Dark”


Two episodes in one night for Marvel’s Agent Carter! Miss our season two premiere recap? It’s over here for your perusal.

Not-So-Short Summary: Agent Carter walks in on Jarvis lifting weights and training. “He’s never more lethal than when he’s flat on his back,” Ana quips, and I’m not quite sure how to take that comment.

Jane Scott’s body (the victim from the last episode) is supposed to be on the way to the SSR West, but it gets lost along the way (on purpose, mind you).

Chadwick has some crazy Hydra-esque things going on behind-the-scenes with boards made up of old men who created the Stock Market Crash of ’29. Said old men want to shut down Chadwick’s division because it isn’t yielding results. Now they want him to focus on his campaign.

Thompson gets them their search warrant for Isodyne Labs, but there’s a “containment leak.” Instead, our friendly scientist friend from last episode, Jason Wilkes, orchestrates a secret meeting out of earshot for later that night.

I’d love to see Robert Johnson at this swanky hotel, but a) That’s not his scene, and b) He died in 1938. Anyway–Wilkes tries to make the meet-up into a date before he turns over any information. Agent Carter ends up having what has to be her first dance since she told Captain America to meet up with her right before he became a Capsicle.

Wilkes says it’s easier to show Peggy what’s going on at Isodyne, but he doesn’t realize that the entire lab is being scrubbed that same evening to erase all traces of the zero matter they have in their possession.

We are given a bit of a backstory for Wilkes as well as Isodyne. Isodyne is working with atomic explosions, even after the war. However, one of their explosions caused an anomaly that created a black hole that sucked up everything around it and left in its wake what they call Zero Matter (or what I presumed was Gravitonium from the post-credits stinger of the last episode).

Unfortunately, the two of them get cornered by some thugs from Isodyne and escape by hotwiring one of their cars. Peggy finds a similar lapel pin to what Dottie tried to steal from the safe deposit box.

And then Agent Carter and Wilkes have a nice little make out session before she decides to steal some poor sucker’s car and head to Isodyne. In the meantime, Jarvis sends an SOS to Sousa and the SSR because Peggy activated the “sock on the doorknob” button of Howard’s car.

Whitney Frost, the actress wife of Chadwick, shows up while Wilkes is trying to steal the zero matter. It ends in a tussle where the zero matter casing gets smashed open and it seems to suck in both Wilkes and Whitney, leaving Peggy devastated.

Sousa and Jarvis arrive at the scene with Sousa believing she’s dead, relieved to find her alive. Peggy is visibly upset and rattled. But at least Sousa gets a nice moment with his girlfriend, Violet…even though his plans to propose were ruined by Peggy’s disappearance.

Ana brings Peggy some whiskey to calm her down. You can obviously see the regret and the pain, and the fact that every man she seems to start to let in ends up disappearing/dying. It’s a sad but realistic note to end this two-episode block on.

Post-Credits Stinger: In Whitney’s changing room and/or closet at home, she sits on the floor, freaking out, to reveal a scratch in her forehead where the zero matter seems to now reside.

Badass Moment of the Week: Peggy taking on three hired goons at once. Runner-up moment: Hotwiring a car. I mean, that’s just impressive.

Best One Liner: “Are you going to punch all of LA?” Wilkes asks at one point on their “date.”
“Maybe. I could do with a hobby,” Peggy responds without missing a beat.

Two important thoughts:

1. Curse you, Sousa, for having seen Ella Fitzgerald!
2. If it was bugging anyone else, Sousa’s girlfriend, Violet, is played by Sarah Bolger, who also played Sleeping Beauty on Once Upon A Time.

These two episodes of Agent Carter gave a pretty solid foundation for what to expect this season. There have been talks about how this will tie into Doctor Strange, and the Zero Matter is a nice, solid way to tie it all in. After all, #ItsAllConnected #NoWardRedemptionArc

Howard Stark returns in next week’s episode while the rest of the season holds more disguises, more jarvis wit, more Hayley Atwell in glasses, and most importantly, more Hayley Atwell American accents! Join me later this week as we dive into more Brainstorm Sessions and make ridiculous ideas on how Captain America can show up this season.