Marvel Teasing All-New Thunderbolts?


I’m not sure how to take these teaser images other than to assume it’s for an All-New Thuderbolts series that will arrive in a few months. The first teaser image arrived from Marvel yesterday, with all but one of the characters hidden in silhouette form.

Today, another teaser arrived. Both of them have the subject line, “From the Ashes of AVENGERS: STANDOFF …” and came with the tag line, “Injustice, Like Lightning!” Not only that, but the image is clearly an homage to the original Thunderbolts #1 from 1997, down to the similar placement and poses of the characters.

Some of those characters look like they might be exactly the same, too:

Sure appears to be Moonstone and MACH-V, or whatever he’s up to now (MACH-VI?).

For the uninformed, the original Thunderbolts team arose in the aftermath of Onslaught, the Marvel Comics event that killed off sent away the Avengers and Fantastic Four. To fill the void, Baron Zemo had the admittedly clever idea of having a team of villains pretend to be new heroes so they could carry out their nefarious schemes unnoticed. It worked until some of the villains found they actually preferred to be heroes.

The “Injustice” part gives one the impression that maybe the team will be operating as villains out in the open, though Marvel can always be preparing a curve ball to throw us. My money is on All-New Thunderbolts since that title hasn’t been used yet, but we’ll see — and soon, I’d think.