Get The Legends Of Tomorrow Premiere Free On Digital HD


“Sure,” you’re thinking. “The premiere episode of Legends of Tomorrow just aired earlier this week, meaning I can watch it on-demand from my cable provider or through The CW app. Of course it’s free!”

Well, yeah, you’re right. Except we’re not talking about just viewing the first episode of the show that brings DC heroes (and a few Rogues) together on one time-tripping adventure, we’re talking about owning it (or really, the right to watch it whenever you want) for free.

To make sure as many people as possible can get in on the fun, Warner Bros. is giving away the first part of the pilot for free on Digital HD for a limited time. Seriously. If you head to iTunes, you’ll see that you can purchase the whole season ahead of time for $29.99, but you can also simply download episode 1 for free. Same thing on Amazon Video and Google Play, so no matter what your streaming platform of choice may be, you’re covered.

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Since it appears the individual episodes will cost $2.99 a piece and the first one was pretty kick-ass, it’s something you’ll probably want to take advantage of now, especially since we really don’t know how “limited time” is defined in this case. Better grab it today.