Martha Wayne Is Definitely In Batman v Superman


Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan has been officially revealed as Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman

It’s pretty much been confirmed that once again we will see the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman. Now, with the reveal of who was cast as Martha Wayne, it’s a certainty.

Lauren Cohan, best known for the show The Walking Dead, retweeted IMDB’s reporting of her casting as Martha Wayne, pretty much confirming the news. Of course, Batman v Superman is out in two months, she had already been cast and shot whatever scenes she was going to be in. We haven’t had 100% confirmation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also playing Thomas Wayne, but that seems like a virtual lock as well. So look to see the Waynes get murdered yet again in Batman v Superman.

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And what a horrible idea this is. I mean, is there a superhero origin people are more familiar with than Batman? I mean, Spider-Man & Superman are certainly right there with him, but I think even people not born yet know Batman was born because his parents were murdered in an alleyway and instead of years of therapy he trains to beat the crap out of criminals. You just know this stuff. And yet we might have to sit through it one more time. Will it be in a solo Batman film as well? Because at that point I might actually get up and walk out of the theater. At least I know there will be one perfect scene for a bathroom break in Batman v Superman…