Scott Snyder Leaving Batman


Scott Snyder is leaving Batman after 5 years

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been the driving force of the Batman comic for the last 5 years, creating some very memorable villains (Court of Owls, Mr. Bloom) and storylines (Endgame) in the process. But everything must come to an end, and Scott Snyder is leaving Batman. To work on more Batman?

Here’s where it gets a little weird. Scott Snyder is leaving Batman, that is absolutely true. But Scott Snyder is leaving Batman to work on another Batman title. That Batman title is Detective Comics. We don’t know exactly when this change will happen, but it will be sometime this Summer. Reportedly the reason for this change is that Scott Snyder will have more “creative freedom” since Detective Comics is considered a secondary title.

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Uh, ok? You’d think after this long, if Scott Snyder was going to make a change, it’d be moving on to to anything that wasn’t Batman-related. And of course this raises the question of what’s going to happen to Batman? Are there some big changes coming? How long is Greg Capullo (who is currently on a break from Batman, but set to return soon) going to stick around without Snyder? And most importantly, who is replacing Snyder and what impact will that have on the primary Batman title? Whoever it is, they have some pretty gigantic shoes to fill. But honestly, if Scott Snyder is given a lot more freedom in his new job, Detective Comics may become the far more interesting  of the Batman titles.

h/t CBR