Supergirl Season 1, Episode 11 Synopsis: Strange Visitor From Another Planet


J’onn J’onzz is the nice kind of Martian on Supergirl, but that doesn’t mean all of the beings to visit Earth from his world will be quite so benevolent.

That’s the gist of what to expect in “Strange Visitor From Another Planet,” a title that is an old school reference to The Adventures of Superman TV series from the 50s, but almost certainly either applies to the Martian Manhunter or one of the White Martians. They’re just as powerful as Green Martians in the comics, but a lot nastier.

It sounds like it could take both Supergirl and J’onn to stop a White Martian, and like most weeks, there could be some complications in Kara’s personal life as well. Take a gander at the official synopsis from CBS:

"Kara must help Hank face his painful past when a White Martian, a member of the alien race that wiped out his people, kidnaps Senator Miranda Crane (Tawny Cypress), an anti-alien politician. Also, Cat’s estranged son, Adam (Blake Jenner), arrives in National City, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Jan. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network."

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The White Martians have caused plenty of problems for Martian Manhunter and his people in the comics as well, and with all of the same powers as J’onn, it’s feasible that it would take two heroes to ensure a victory. So far, J’onzz has done everything possible to keep his identity as Hank Henshaw, but Kara has been encouraging him to use his powers more openly. It’s possible he might not have much of a choice before long.

Speaking of not having a choice, Kara has put off resolving her feelings for James Olsen, who’s taken, and Winn Schott, who she has been content to assign to the Friend Zone so far. With Adam hitting town and being described as another potential suitor, there could be a love quadrangle on Supergirl soon. Early seasons of Arrow would be envious.

Aliens, action and sexual tension. Need more reasons to tune in on January 25 for this new episode of Supergirl? Yeah, we didn’t think so.