Get a Sneak Peek of Justice League vs. Teen Titans


Take a look at new footage from the upcoming Justice League vs. Teen Titans movie!

The DVD and Blu-ray editions of Batman: Bad Blood will be released next Tuesday, and they will include a sneak peek at the next film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line, Justice League vs. Teen Titans.  However, if you want to take a look early, the 11-minute bonus feature is now available to watch on YouTube.  It features a ton of footage from the film, as well as interviews with the cast and crew.

The members of the Teen Titans in this universe are revealed to be Robin (Damian Wayne), Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle.  This is Damian’s first time as a member of the Titans in any medium, and writer Bryan Q. Miller talks about how he has a different relationship with the team than previous Robins.  In this version of the Titans, Starfire is the leader.  “Throwing that specific Robin into a team dynamic is like putting gasoline on a fire,” says Miller.

We also learn about one of the major plot points in the film.  According to producer James Tucker, Raven is “being used to bring a demon forth”, and the Justice League wants to bring her in, fearing she poses a threat.  The Teen Titans, however, feel responsible for protecting Raven, and a conflict ensues between the two teams.  Much like the conflict between Batman and Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, my guess is that we will be treated to an epic battle between the Justice League and the Titans over Raven, before the sides realize that they need to band together to take down the real threat, Trigon.

Another thing that stood out to me in the sneak peek was hearing newcomers Taissa Farmiga, Jake T. Austin, and Brandon Soo Hoo in their roles as Raven, Blue Beetle, and Beast Boy respectively.  Farmiga’s job as Raven was the one that pleased me the most, which is a good thing given how central the character seems to be to this movie.  Soo Hoo will take the most getting used to, since I’m so used to Greg Cipes’ Beast Boy, but he and Austin both sounded really good too.  Check out the full sneak peek from the YouTube channel “hibeltran” below:

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The film is set to be released this spring, and my already high excitement level raised quite a few notches after watching this video.  Seeing the Titans go back to a more serious tone in animation again is without a doubt something to look forward to, and it seems as though the new DCUAOM shared universe continues to go in the right direction.  Let me know your thoughts on the sneak peek in the comments, and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of this upcoming movie and for all your Batman news!