The Flash: Allison Paige To Appear As Female Speedster Trajectory


While we wait to see if Jesse Quick is ever going to get rescued from Zoom and claim her comic book heritage as a female speedster on The Flash, someone is going to beat her to the punch in just a few weeks.

According to TVLine, Allison Paige is headed to Central City as Eliza Harmon, also known as Trajectory. She’ll be a villain, or at least someone dragging the good name of the Flash through the mud, when she makes her debut in episode 16.

The Trajectory in the comics was a hero who had a short-lived run (pun somewhat intended) as a member of the most recent version of Infinity, Inc. Like everyone on the team, Harmon’s powers came with a price, as she was unable to slow down without taking a special drug. She also discovered the hard way that powers given to you by Lex Luthor can also be taken away, which is exactly what he did when she was helping to battle Blockbuster, who killed her in the process.

That theme of having speed taken away by artificial means could definitely translate to the TV show given what Harry Wells has been working on as of late. Perhaps Paige, who’s best known for her legnthy stint on Days of Our Lives, may not want to make long term plans that involve The Flash.

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This week’s episode is the eleventh of Season 2, which should put Trajectory on track to cross paths with the Fastest Man Alive in March.