Gotham: Robin Lord Taylor Loved Working With Paul Reubens


Robin Lord Taylor had a great experience working with veteran actor Paul Reubens on the set of Gotham

Gotham is still about a month away from returning, but when it does, we will finally get to meet Oswald Cobblepot’s father, played by none other than the legendary Paul Reubens, who actually reiously played Penguin’s father in the Tim Burton Batman Returns movie. Robin Lord Taylor talked about working with Paul Reubens on the set of Gotham, saying he was the biggest clown of anyone on set.

"In my experience, it would be Paul freaking Reubens. He, as we all know, is playing my father. He’s an absolute delight. I think he’s sky-rocketed to the top of the list in terms of actors who aren’t in the core group on the show. He’s beloved by everyone on set, and he’s also absolutely hilarious. He’ll do everything he can do to make you laugh and break in the scene."

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Hopefully we’ll get to see some of that in a blooper reel whenever season 2 of Gotham comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray. So we know Penguin’s father is coming to Gotham, but we don’t really know what sort of man he is. Given that I don’t even remember him being mentioned during conversations between Penguin and the late Gertude Cobblepot, I can’t imagine it’ll be a happy family reunion when he comes to Gotham. Though they’ll probably bond over crime or something. Gotham finally returns from its winter hiatus February 29th on Fox.