This Lego Ad Probably Doesn’t Spoil Batman v Superman


This Latest Lego Batman v Superman ad depicts a climatic scene that may or may not be in the film

Ah you gotta love movie toys. Because they seem to unwittingly spoil everything. Whether it’s an ad for a toy or the very toy itself. It might not be that different for Batman v Superman, especially pertaining to Lego sets based on the film. Although very few of these scenes are confirmed, many sets we’ve seen so far seem to be based around things rumored to be in Batman v Superman.

This latest Lego ad might not be much different, as it portrays Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman teaming up to save Lois Lane from a Kryptonite-wielding Lex Luthor in a helicopter. Check it out below:

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Ok, this PROBABLY isn’t the climatic final battle of Batman v Superman. It’s probably not even in the movie. But then again, I could totally see it. Luthor has failed to destroy Batman or Superman, and they are about to come after him, so he takes Lois Lane hostage and tries to escape in his heavily armed LexCorp jet. But he’s also armed with Kryptonite, so Suerman can’t just chase after him, leaving it to Batman in the Batwing and Wonder Woman.

It would be a letdown cliche of a finale after they already fought Doomsday,  so it’s probably not going to happen, but it’s an outside possibility. We’ll have to wait until we see Batman v Superman in theaters March 25th to find out for sure.