Batman & Batwoman Fight Nuns In Batman: Bad Blood Clip


Would you hit a nun? Batman & Batwoman hit lots of them in this Batman: Bad Blood clip

I have yet to see Batman: Bad Blood for myself, but the following clip may automatically place it in my favorite animated DC films of all time!

In this Batman: Bad Blood clip, Batman and Batwoman are fighting nuns. Nuns with swords and guns and ninja skills. Batman coins them “nunjas”.  I have no clue why they are fighting these “nunjas”, but who cares, it’s the most ridiculously awesome thing ever. Check out the Batman: Bad Blood clip below:

I’m pretty sure Batman: Bad Bloodis the only film you’ll ever see super heroes and nuns who are also ninjas beating each other up it out. Won’t see that in Batman v Superman or Justice League (at least I’m fairly certain we won’t, but with Zack Snyder, who knows?). Not sure what it has to do with the plot of Batman missing, but who the hell cares?

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Oh that’s right, in Batman: Bad Blood, Batman is missing and presumed dead and it’s up to the rest of the extended Bat-family, including newcomers Batwoman and Batwing  (appearing for the first time outside of the comic book pages) to find out if our favorite caped crusader has indeed bit the dust. Somehow, this leads to a scene where they fight ninja nuns, aka “nunjas”. Is it Batman fighting alongside Batwoman in that scene? Well, based on the voice, I’m guessing it’s Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, who has been filling in as Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence.  Batman: Bad Blood is out on digital release now and will come out on DVD & Blu-Ray February 2nd.

h/t CBR