Batman Has Unsavory Alliances In Batman v Superman


Batman makes an alliance with one of DC’s top villains in Batman v Superman

We know Batman is out to destroy Superman at the outset of Batman v Superman. Batman believes that not only is Superman a dangerous threat himself. but that his mere presence is drawing other dangerous and powerful aliens to Earth. He may not be able to take down Superman alone however, which makes him ally with one of DC’s worst bad guys.

In the latest issue of Empire, the magazine specifically states that “Еisеnbеrg’s Luthоr аnd Bаtmаn will bе in cаhооts аgаinst this Kryptоniаn gоdhеаd.” Of course, for anybody who has been paying attention to the movie so far, this makes pretty good sense. Batman is probably aware Luthor is not to be trusted, but Luthor most likely offers Batman an edge with access to Kryptonite, and in Batman v Superman, Batman probably feels he needs an edge more than ever before.

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Of course, the irony here is that Batman himself has many times over the decades been questioned about whether or not he is responsible for the criminal element in Gotham getting worse and worse. There might not be a Two-Face without Batman, there almost certainly would not be a Joker. Of course thanks to the Batman v Superman footage we’ve seen so far (and well, just common sense) we know any alliance between Batman & Luthor will be a short-lived one. Is that what causes Luthor to bring on Doomsday? We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens in theaters in just under two months.

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