Legends Of Tomorrow Recap And Review – S01E02 – “Pilot: Part 2”


Part 2 of the pilot for Legends of Tomorrow aired tonight and it was not short on thrills, action, and character development.  This show is quickly cementing itself as one of the best comic book television series out there.

Legendary Recap: Norway, 1975: The Waverider arrives.  Their mission is to go to find Vandal Savage at a gathering where illegal black market arms dealers have congregated to buy weapons of mass destruction.  Kendra and Carter wonder why they can’t just go back in time and save their son.  Rip tells them that they can’t go back to an event which they’ve already participated.  Time would fold in on itself (Doctor Who anyone?).

After having an argument of who will lead this mission, Snart forcefully ordains himself as the head of the team.  Arriving at the location, they’re stopped by a bodyguard, but Martin uses his wit and scares the guy into letting them in.

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First Easter egg of the night: Damien Darhk passes them (yeah, we’ll be seeing a bit of him later).  To their surprise, Savage isn’t here to buy something.  He’s here to sell the warhead he had stolen in “Pilot: Part 1.”  The bidding starts, but to everyone’s disappointment, Leonard and the team win the warhead.  Darhk calls the team out and gets the attention of Savage.  Not convinced that the team should be here, Savage instantly offers a 25% discount to whoever kills the team.

Our legends go into action.  When Kendra and Carter corner Savage, he initiates the warhead to buy himself time to escape.  Ray flies in, but he accidentally speeds the timer up even faster.  Now, it’s up to Firestorm.  The Nuclear Man flies the rocket to a location outside of the facility.  And, under Martin’s instructions, absorbs the brunt of the explosion.

Arriving back on the Waverider, Rip … well … rips them a new one.  Apparently, during the fight, Ray lost a piece of his suit which is now in the hands of Savage.  Rip shows them what Central City looks like in 2016 due to Savage’s reverse engineering of the technology and using it for his own war.  Rip tells them that there’s still time to correct it because the timeline is like cement — it takes a bit of time before it permanently sets.

All is not lost though because Ray can track his tech due to its emission of alpha particles.  Martin tells them that his younger self was the expert on alpha particles in this time and went as far as building a tracker to find these particles.

Carter, reminiscing about his son, finds a picture of a dagger.  He shows the team and tells them that any object that was associated with their original deaths can also be used to kill Savage.  The dagger will need to be wielded along with an incantation.  However, Kendra is unable to read it and has forgotten most of her first life.

The team forms a plan: Ray, Leonard, and Mick will go to the home of the person who purchased the dagger and steal it; and Martin will take Jax and Sara (apparently, you shouldn’t interact with yourself because that will also have some catastrophic effects on the future) as intermediaries to meet his younger self and get the tracker.

Ivy Town, 1975: Martin sees his younger self (let’s call him Martin75) and introduces himself as Professor Elon Musk.  Sara turns up the charm and flirts with Martin75 so they can hang with him.

On the Waverider, Carter tries to get Kendra to regress.  She’s unable to and gets even more freaked out when Carter tries to kiss her.

Savage, at his hideout, knows the team is from the future.  He gives his scientists 24 hours to reverse engineer Ray’s tech.  When one of them protests, he shoots him dead using Ray’s tiny laser blaster.

At a mansion, Ray goes to a security box and disarms it.  So he thinks.  Leonard and Mick point out that it was actually a dummy box used to lure thieves.  Security quickly approach, but Leonard and Mick take them out.

Lounging about, Martin75 smokes pot and eats junk food while Martin, Jax, and Sara try to get him to show them the tracker.  As Martin75 goes off to get some cookie dough, Martin tells Sara to stop flirting with his younger self.  At this point in time, Martin is to meet his wife at a function.

In the mansion, Ray, Leonard, and Mick find the dagger.  However, Leonard and Mick want to leave with some extra souvenirs.  Ray tries to stop them and gets into a fight with Leonard which triggers the security system, causing the two of them to be caged.

Martin finds the tracker, but is caught by Martin75 who now knows that something is up.  Martin uses flattery by telling Martin75 that they’re from a publication that only profiles people if they’re up for the Nobel Prize.  Martin75 isn’t easily tricked, and he continues to prevent them from taking the tracker.  Sara finally knocks Martin75 out with a bong (lame joke: I guess that’s one hell of a “bong hit”).  Martin sets an alarm so that Martin75 will at least wake up in time to go to the function and meet his future wife.

Ray and Leonard continue to argue with each other.  Leonard finds the security bypass panel hidden under one of the displays.  Ray comments that Leonard, with his skills, could’ve become an electrical engineer.  Leonard thinks it would’ve been a waste of time.  When Leonard hits a dead-end with the bypass, Ray shows some skills of his own.

Carter apologizes to Kendra for trying to kiss her.  Kendra admits that because they’re destined to be together, it scares her.  He promises that he’ll wait for her and let her take her time.  Kendra then makes another attempt at regressing.  This time, she’s successful and discovers that the inscription on the knife is actually a poem about their destinies.

Using the tracker, Martin, Sara, and Jax find and arrive at Savage’s lab.  Sara jumps down as the White Canary, takes out all of Savage’s men, and retrieve’s Ray’s tech.

Ray, Leonard, and Mick discover that the mansion is actually owned by Savage when Mick is taken hostage by the immortal.

Martin, Jax, and Sara make it back to the Waverider, but Martin75 follows them.  He built a tracker that tracked the tracker.  Martin then sees his wedding ring start to disappear.

Savage finds their earpiece and, using Mick as leverage, forces Ray and Leonard to call the team.

On the Waverider, Martin argues with Martin75.  Jax has a private talk with Martin and tries to calm him down.  Martin’s frustration is with himself.  He believes that he hasn’t grown out of his arrogance and has never matured.  Jax tells Martin that he’s being too hard on himself.

Martin75 is still exploring the ship and want to know everything.  Martin walks Martin75 off the Waverider and tell him to have a wonderful life.

The team quickly receives a call from Leonard, telling them that Savage is the one who owns the mansion and the dagger.

At the mansion, Savage is about to execute Mick.  Firestorm arrives and hits Savage with a powerful blast.  Firestorm breaks Ray and Leonard out.  Congregating outside, Leonard hands Carter and Kendra the dagger just as Savage’s men arrive.  The two go off to fight Savage while the rest of the team hold off his men.

Carter fights Savage and gets the upper hand.  He stabs Savage in the heart, but it has no effect.  Savage breaks free and tells Carter that because the knife was owned by Kendra, she would have to be the one to kill him with it.  He brutally stabs Carter.  As Carter dies in Kendra’s arms, his essence flows into Savage.

Kendra lunges at Savage, but he overpowers her and critically stabs her in her side.  When he’s about to deliver the deathblow, Ray blasts Savage, saving Kendra.  The team quickly get Kendra on the Waverider where Gideon starts to immediately treat her.

Because Kendra is still recovering, a time jump would be too stressful, so they’re stuck in 1975 for now.  Rip offers to show Martin something.  At the university, Martin’s wedding reappears and he witnesses Martin75 meeting his wife for the first time.  Rip had secretly called Martin75 and told him about meeting the woman.  Rip tells Martin that he believes that they’re here to learn.

Back on the Waverider, Rip asks if they’re still up for the mission.  If not, he can return them to 2016 to live out the rest of their lives.  The team unanimously votes to go after Savage as revenge for the killing of their comrade Carter.

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Legendary Moment(s): Does it need to be said?  The fight scene in the prologue!  Can this show get more comic booky!?

Thoughts for Tomorrow: I think I speak for everyone that the only thought right now is Carter’s death.  Is that it?  Is that how this major character will get written off?  Berlanti and his producers were right.  This series is seriously insanity on steroids.  Nick Tylwalk has just posted a great article which speculates just how Carter might return.  What do you think?