Life-Sized Batman v Superman Figure Is Taller Than You


This Life-Sized Batman from Batman v Superman will tower over most real people

What’s that? You’ve got a highly detailed, $1,000 figure of Batman from the upcoming Batman v Superman movie? That’s cute. Hot Toys is looking to make every figure on Earth feel inadequate next to their ludicrously tall “life-sized” Batman in his power armor from Batman v Superman.

And this Batman isn’t like those figures that claim to be life-sized and are only at most 4 feet tall. This Batman v Superman figure will literally tower over most human beings at a whopping 7 feet and some change. Heck, it’ll tower over Ben Affleck, he’s only 6’4! Even more so over Superman, aka Henry Cavill, he’s 6’1! So actually, it’s bigger than life-size because in the Batman v Suerman, Affleck is certainly made to at least seem shorter than Superman, even in the power armor.

And it’s not just the impressive height you’ll get with this figure, it also features features an armored head with light-up eyes, authentic and detailed likeness of Batman’s lower face, a full-size replica of the Batsuit and armor, a fabric cape, and a circular base with light-up function and movie logo.

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No word of a price or release date on this figure as of yet, but expect it to be several thousand dollars at least. I can’t honestly say any figure is worth that much, but if were ever going to massively splurge on a figure, this would be the one to go with. Batman v Superman releases in theaters March 25th.