Will Batman v Superman Be At The Superbowl?


Will Batman v Superman make an appearance at this year’s big game?

Whatever you think of football, the Superbowl is more than just football. It’s easily the most watched thing on television all year, and so many use that opportunity to get the most eyeballs on their product possible. Heck a lot of people just watch for the ads or any crazy promotional stunts going on.

This, year, the Superbowl may be the most geek-friendly it’s ever been. Both Marvel and Fox are making huge pushes for their upcoming slate of Sci-Fi and comic book films. Hell, two days before the superbowl Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds will commandeer a food truck on Friday night and hand out chimichangas, Deadpool’s favorite food. I only find that odd because Deadpool is an not a PG-13 film, so it’s surprising they are throwing this much money and promotion behind it. So will Batman v Superman be making some kind of impact at the biggest TV event of the year?

Well, not in an official ad capacity. Warner Bros. is not officially buying ad time for the Superbowl, but that still leaves lots of opportunities. Some of the cast could be in attendance and that could be as simple as pointing out someone like Ben Affleck at the game and saying, “Ben Affleck is the latest actor to take on the role of Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman in theaters March 25th”. It could also be tied in to another marketing partner that is advertising.

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So will Batman v Superman have some sort of presence at the Superbowl? I’m going to lean towards yes, if for no other reason than the Superbowl is on CBS, and given how heavily CBS is invested in DC stuff (besides Supergirl, they also own the CW network, home of several DC shows)) it would make a lot of sense if the movie made an appearance in some way. We’ll find out next Sunday and then Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t Hollywood Reporter