Batman v Superman: More Rumors About Scoot McNairy


Scoot McNairy may have a rather explosive role in Batman v Superman

Scoot McNairy remains arguably the biggest mystery in Batman v Superman. All we really know is the role required him to wear special green socks for CGI effects for at least some of the movie. Is he an injured Jimmy Olsen? Is he Nightwing? Is he Ted Kord aka  The Blue Beetle? Hell, is he Mr. Mxyztplk? Latino Review claims to have the answer.

Latino Review claims that the role of Scoot McNairy in Batman v Superman is basically that of a potential human bomb. He is wheelchair bound, and reportedly Lex Luthor radicalizes him against Superman, hoping to turn him into a human bomb that gets close to Superman and then explodes. No Jimmy Olsen, not a superhero or supervillain, just a human bomb.

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Now keep in mind, just because Latino Review says something, it doesn’t make it fact. They get things wrong all the time. But they get enough right that it’s at least worth reporting their supposed scoops. That being said, if this is McNairy’s role in Batman v Superman, it seems disappointing. Besides that I really don’t like the idea of a human bomb storyline, this seems like one of 80 schemes Lex Luthor has in the film. And it’s not nearly as interesting as any of the other possbilities that have been brought up. Is Scoot McNairy a human bomb in Batman v Superman? We’ll just have to wait until the movie opens March 25th to find out.