Arkham Knight Complete Edition Coming Soon?


A listing for Arkham Knight Complete Edition has leaked

Have you still not bought Arkham Knight? Well you might as well not buy it for just a bit longer. Most AAA games eventually get a “Game of The Year” edition with all extras included for way cheaper than buying them all separately. And Arkham Knight will be no exception. What is surprising is just how soon we might be seeing this GOTY edition of Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Sonder Edition was recently listed on Amazon Germany’s site. Sonder essentially means unparalleled and for this most likely equates to complete or ultimate. While there aren’t any further details as far as content, this version of Arkham Knight will most likely contain all previously released dlc. Probably for around $50-$60. Buying the game plus the season pass to get the same content would have cost you $100. But hey, that’s always the cost of early adoption, and you should be used to it by now if you have to have things right when they come out. The most surprising thing about this is the release date though. It’s listed as March 17th. Arkham Knight only came out in June of last year. That’s only 7 months after the game initially came out. That might be a record turnaround.

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But it makes a certain kind of sense. There’s a certain movie starring Batman coming out around the same time, and this seems like an easy way of capitalizing on that release. I mean, they did with Deadpool, polishing a turd of a game with some HD, releasing it on current platforms and selling it to the unwitting masses as hype for the movie was peaking, this is a similar maneuver. We haven’t heard anything official yet, so this listing could be in error, but don’t be surprised if you are seeing some ultimate edition of Arkham Knight on shelves right before a certain major motion picture starring DC’s biggest heroes is out in theaters…

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