Deadpool Vs. Sabretooth Begins In Deadpool #8


If you’ve been reading Deadpool, you already know that Wade Wilson’s life is messier than usual. He might have defied the odds to become rich, famous and beloved, but his personal life is mostly a shambles, and he’s arguably further than ever from finding out what really happened to his parents. All he needs now is a scrap with a dangerous, clawed mutant to make things totally messed up.

Since Wolverine is unavailable (on account of being dead and all), Sabretooth will have to do. Writer Gerry Duggan and incoming artist Matteo Lolli are giving us exactly what it sounds like in “Deadpool vs. Sabretooth,” beginning in Deadpool #8.

A confrontation like that really doesn’t need a hook, but Marvel whipped one up anyway:

"Deadpool has no idea that he was responsible for his own parents deaths. Only problem is, he’s sworn vengeance on the one responsible. And he thinks Sabretooth did it. This is gonna be messy."

I’m not sure we get a feel for exactly how messy in these preview pages from Lolli, but they’re still pretty cool.

Oh Wade, you’re not even going to man up and fight him face to face? That’s just going to make Sabretooth angry …

Look for Deadpool #8, the first part of “Deadpool vs. Sabretooth,” on March 2 wherever you get your new comics.