Exclusive: See Supergirl’s David Harewood In Beowulf


When David Harewood isn’t helping to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threats as Hank Henshaw, who’s secretly the Martian Manhunter, on Supergirl, he’s taking part in battles of an entirely different kind on the Esquire Network series Beowulf.

Though the show is based on the epic poem of the same name, Harewood plays one of the new characters created for the series, the Thane Scorann. As you can see in the exclusive clip below, it’s a very different role from that of J’onn J’onzz, yet judging by the way Scorann is able to take a wound and still keep going, you’d imagine the Martian Manhunter would admire his toughness.

The clip is from the third episode of Beowulf, which has this official synopsis:

"With Slean and Thane Scorann missing, Beowulf and Rate, Thane of the Varni, charge out into the forest in search of them. But with the Gathering fast approaching and Rheda’s bid for leadership depending on the hope of ever-loyal Scorann’s vote, Beowulf questions whether their disappearance might be more than a simple coincidence.  Beowulf and Rate continue their journey, tracking deep into the forest and are soon reminded that the Shieldlands are a dangerous place when they are set upon by Warig creatures. With their pride firmly at stake, some one-upmanship ensues and the men race after the creature, which leads them to a bigger, more dangerous situation where their steel is put to the test. Having overcome the Mudborn who were baying for their blood, they soon close in on Slean and Scorann’s trail, and an Outcast straggling behind the main group holding the Thane and Rheda’s son Slean captive, leads them one-step closer to uncovering the truth behind the kidnapping.  Now, almost in touching distance of their people, Beowulf hatches a plan to secure their release, however their success is not without injury or cost and one of our party pays with their life during the battle for freedom, whilst another realizes the shocking truth of Herot’s traitor."

Beowulf airs first on the U.K.’s ITV, with new episodes following several weeks later in the U.S. on the Esquire Network. You can catch Harewood as Scorann Saturday nights at 10 pm, with episode 3 airing on Saturday, February 6.