Arrow: Might Felicity Smoak Get Her Own Super Suit?


Felicity Smoak might be down after the injuries she suffered during the Arrow Season 4 midseason finale, but she’s definitely not out. After a rocky start, she returned to her vital role with Team Arrow as Overwatch, and she used a Curtis Holt pep talk as motivation to retake the reigns full force as CEO of Palmer Tech. She’s more than strong enough to overcome this latest challenge.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the season won’t have its share of obstacles for the best hacker in the world (sorry, Cisco Ramon). As Emily Bett Rickards, the lady who brings Felicity to life each week, recently told DC All Access, she and Oliver Queen are about to “hit a rock in their relationship coming up.” Agonizing news for #Olicity shippers, though we have faith the super couple will come through it alright given what they’ve already experienced so far.

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A much more interesting question arose when host Tiffany Smith asked Rickards about the possibility of Felicity getting a code name and a “super suit.” Regular Arrow watchers know that she’s already worn Ray Palmer’s Atom armor once to bail Oliver out of a jam, but Smith seems to be inquiring as to whether Smoak would ever actually sport a costume on the show.

And the answer is … maybe?

"That is … That’s definitely in the mix. I mean, we’ve got to get suits. Okay, I don’t technically want a suit, because suits mean leather and squeaks … The squeaks aren’t that big of a burden. I’m just trying to talk myself out of wanting one if I don’t have one because I don’t want the disappointment, but I’ll take a suit."

Just a thought here, but maybe the tech geniuses that Felicity knows, including Cisco and Curtis, could come up with some kind of exo-skeleton that would allow her to walk while wearing it. Or Oliver might make good on his vow to find a cure for her injuries, and she could decide that since life is short, she wants to play a more active, field-oriented role in Team Arrow going forward. She sure has her pick of people who could train her to fight!

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It’s a small step from code name to super suit, and even characters reluctant to get them can end up changing their minds, as John Diggle can attest. We’ll keep watching Arrow Wednesday nights on The CW to see if Felicity ends up getting a cool new addition to her wardrobe.