Batman v Superman Isn’t Finished?


Zack Snyder says there is still a tiny bit of tweaking left to do for Batman v Superman

We are 49 days away from Batman v Superman. You think this close to release, especially with a lengthy delay (it was originally due out last Summer before being moved to May of this year, then moved up to March so they wouldn’t have to go up against Civil War), it would be done. Well, it’s ALMOST done according to Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder.

"We’re pretty much done. I mean there are a few things, a few 3D shots coming in that we are approving and things like that. I’d say the movie is 90%, 99.9% done. And really at this point we’re just fine tuning the final details while we get Justice League ready."

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Uh, Mr. Snyder, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but there’s actually a pretty huge gap between “90%” & “99.9” percent. “99.9” implies that like most movies, it’s actually done and the director is just agonizing over the final cut because they are a perfectionist and it’ll never be truly “done” in their eyes.

“90%” on the other hand implies a significant chunk of the film isn’t finished. A key subplot hasn’t been resolved, a big scene hasn’t been finished, you haven’t actually figured out how to end the film, etc. So which is it? Given Snyder’s penchant for visual spectacle over coherent story-telling, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final cut of Batman v Superman feels bloated and yet rushed. But we’ll find out for sure when it opens in theaters in just 7 weeks.