Five Things We’d Like To See In The Flash/Supergirl Crossover


The hard part is out of the way. Certainly the logistics to make the Flash/Supergirl crossover a reality couldn’t have been fun to pull off, but I’m actually referring to us fans having to hope that it came about. Now that we know Barry will be visiting Kara in March, the real fun begins, as we can switch to pure wish fulfillment mode and start discussing what we hope will take place.

Let’s begin these five things we’d like to see from the Flash/Supergirl crossover with an easy one …

1. Confirmation on whether Supergirl takes place in the Arrowverse

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I say this is easy because the answer is almost a lock to come from the set-up to the crossover. If the Flash simply runs to National City, it’ll make fans squeal with joy as they realize that it’s all connected, to steal a phrase from the other big comic book company.

The more popular (and more likely, in my opinion) theory is that the mechanism to bring the two heroes together will arise from the main theme of The Flash Season 2, which is the existence of a multiverse of parallel Earths. So far Barry Allen and company have only discovered one, but it would be easy to hop through a portal expecting to end up on Earth-2 and find yourself somewhere else instead.

It will be interesting to see if something happens on The Flash that leads directly into the crossover episode of Supergirl, or even if it’s referenced in any way on The CW. The lack of lead time makes that an open question, but hopefully the creative teams can figure something out. Also, let’s not call Kara’s world Earth-3, since that’s historically the domain of evil Justice League counterparts.

2. A classic superhero misunderstanding

Back when I was a kid, superhero team-ups often followed the same script. Heroes would mistake each other for villains or be turned against each other in some way, fight for a bit and then realize what was going on and join forces against the real bad guy. It could be hokey at times, but it was effective, which is why comic book publishers went back to that well over and over again.

Today it would have some retro charm if done right. Supergirl already has the perfect framework for it too, since Kara and her sister both work for an organization devoted to protecting the Earth from alien threats. Fancy a little throwdown between the Fastest Man Alive and the Girl of Steel before they figure out they’re on the same side? Just give them reason to think the Flash has arrived from another planet, not another dimension.

3. A race between Flash and Supergirl

Flash and Superman staged a number of races in the comics over the years, with neither of them ever proving conclusively who was faster. Alas, Barry Allen had the last word on that in a fantastic scene from The Flash: Rebirth:

With Supergirl standing in for her cousin, it might be a fairer contest on TV since Barry hasn’t reached quite the same mastery of the Speed Force he’d achieved in print. For pure fan service potential, a race between the two heroes would be off the charts.

4. Flash meeting Martian Manhunter

It’s not wise to ever say never, but there’s no sign of a live action Justice League TV series on the horizon. We could get 3/7 of the way to a meeting of the original lineup if we sub Supergirl for Superman and have her introduce the Flash to her boss, who just happens to be the Martian Manhunter.

As mentioned before, this should be easy to do. Once the heroes get down to fighting whatever villain is on the loose (it’ll need to be a good one to challenge both of them), the DEO is almost assured of getting involved. J’onn has so far been reluctant to use his powers, but he’s done it when the situation calls for it, and anyone who could give both Supergirl and the Flash a run for their money would rank as the proper type of emergency.

On top of that, Flash is going to need a way home at the end of the crossover. Martian Manhunter might be able to lend him a hand, or at least point him in the right direction of some tech at the DEO that can help.

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5. An appearance by Superman

Well, we can always dream, right?

The Flash/Supergirl crossover will take place on the Monday, March 28 episode of Supergirl at 8 pm on CBS.