Zack Snyder Talks DC Movie/TV Divide


Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder talks about DC’s approach to movies vs. TV and why they are separate

DC has an incredibly successful slate of TV shows, and is hopefully starting up an incredibly successful string of movies. However, unlike Marvel, in which all their movies and TV shows are in the same universe, DC keeps theirs separate. Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder talked about why he thinks this is a good thing.

"These characters are bigger than any of the actors playing them. It’s almost an American tradition now.As opposed to trying to shoehorn all these storylines into a single universe, we let the characters exist in a multi-universe, and it’s a lot more fun, and a lot more value for the audience."

While it’s certainly a valid way to go, it also still leaves the door open for worlds to cross someday. One of DC’s biggest features is the multi-verse, which is featured on The Flash TV show. It’s a plot device that totally allows for say Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen to someday meet Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. Of course Zack Snyder is just a movie director, he has no real say in what happens between the TV and movie universes, so even if he thought the TV side was trash, he wouldn’t be able to say Ben Affleck can’t appear on say Legends of Tomorrow if he really wanted to.

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Another thing Zack Snyder has no say in is if there’s a Batman on DC TV, so why isn’t there? I mean technically we have Gotham and young Bruce Wayne, but that’s not the same as someone who either has his own show or can at least regularly show up on the various CW shows. My guess is they have certainly discussed it, but it’s a matter of finding the right person, and that may be impossible. He’d have to favorably compare to Ben Affleck, who is the current big screen Batman, he’d probably have to compare to Arrow, which borrows so many elements from Batman, and he might even have to compare to young Bruce Wayne on Gotham. But hey, the possibility is out there, so let’s hope the right people make the right decisions and eventually there actually is a true DC multiverse.