Marvel, Coca-Cola Team For Super Bowl 50 Ad


If you care enough about such things, you can already find out exactly what most of the ads are that will run during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday and even watch a bunch of them online ahead of time. That might come in handy during the big game, as you can then use the commercial breaks to refill on food and beverages or hit the bathroom.

Not every company who bought ad time has tipped its hand about its plans though, and that includes one near and dear to our hearts, Marvel. Earlier this week, various media outlets (sadly, Bam Smack Pow wasn’t one of them) reported getting a package of small Coca-Cola cans featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Falcon and the Hulk and a note that teased, “02.07.16. The Big Game is just the beginning. Follow @CocaCola to watch the story unfold.”

So far Coca-Cola’s Twitter feed, which generally only tweets a few times a day, has offered no more clues, so it must be serious about waiting until the game. But Adweek has solved some of the mystery, revealing that Coke and Marvel will team for a 60-second ad during the second quarter of Super Bowl 50.

There’s no word on what kind of spot this will be and whether it just features superheroes enjoying Coca-Cola or pushes something specific for Marvel. Captain America: Civil War would seem the obvious tie-in — and fans have been hoping for more footage from the upcoming film — though Comic Book Resources notes that Hulk isn’t in that movie, making his inclusion a strange choice if that’s the play.

Unless there’s more news on this front over the next 36 hours, you’ll just have to keep your food or bathroom breaks at a minimum during the second quarter. Good thing there will be plenty more time for them over what’s sure to be a long game.