Where To Stream The Flash Season 2


Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you’re a big fan of The Flash. I mean, if you like superheroes, that’s not much of a stretch, as it’s terrific. Let’s also say that you don’t own a DVR (hey, some of us don’t!) and some family or social obligation causes you to miss an episode. That raises an obvious question: Where can you stream The Flash Season 2 episodes?

The bad news is that there’s no place you can watch the entire season from the beginning. The good news is that you’ve got two options when it comes to streaming some of the more recent episodes in case you miss one.

The CW App

With The CW app, you can watch five recent episodes at any given time — though strangely, not necessarily the five most recent episodes. As I type this, the episodes available are 212, 211, 210, 208 and 205. The other nice thing is that new episodes show up the next day after they’re broadcast, meaning that if you miss a new one on Tuesday, you can watch it on the app on Wednesday.

The CW app is free to download from the App Store for Apple devices and from Google Play if you’re an Android user.


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Hulu offers the same five episodes as The CW app, but with a little bit of a catch. Four recent episodes are completely free, meaning you don’t even have to be logged in or even have a Hulu account to watch them. Just head to The Flash page, hit play and off you go.

To see the current week’s episode, though, or the most recent new episode in cases where there’s a week or two off, you need to be a Hulu subscriber. If you are, you can watch all five episodes in HD on your TV, computer or mobile device.

What About After the Season is Over?

If you’re reading this during the summer, the question becomes a little trickier. I’m not certain how long after the season ends that episodes will be available through either of these two methods, so we’ll update you when we get to that point.

The future is also uncertain for The Flash when it comes to previous seasons. Season 1 hit Netflix on the same day as the Season 2 premiere aired on The CW, but recent reports suggest that The CW may be rethinking its contract with Netflix (which ends soon) in favor of its own streaming service that would offer both current and past seasons for a monthly subscription fee. We’ll keep you posted, but at least you have some options for streaming Season 2 while it’s still running.