Batman Meets Shredder In Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3


It’s Batman vs. The Turtles’ deadliest foe in Batman/TMNT #3!

As someone who is a huge fan of both Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the fact that they are having a crossover comic is both incredibly surreal and awesome. It’s the kind of thing kids write fan fiction stories about that they think will never ever happen, but yet here we are. Batman/TMNT is a real thing, and in issue #3 we’ll get another moment of awesome surrealism as Batman and the heroes in a half shell confront the Shredder! And courtesy of Comic Book Resources, we’ve got a preview of that issue for you!

Granted, I have not been keeping up with this miniseries, but that’s only because I fully intend to buy it when it’s collected in a trade. There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly spoilery in this preview. Shredder has made an alliance with longtime Batman nemesis/”legitimate” nightclub owner The Penguin (most likely because Penguin is arguably the easiest of Batman’s enemies to bully and intimidate), and is using it to facilitate the construction of a portal machine that will allow him to travel back and forth between the Turtles home of Manhattan and Gotham with the goal of ruling both. Of course, he has to deal with the combined might of Batman & the Turtles first! Check out the preview of Batman/TMNT #3 below:

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So if Shredder has inter-dimensional tech, that means Krang is a thing in this series, right? Because if I see a panel with Batman fighting Krang, I will not be able to wait for the trade and will just snatch up every issue. GIMME BATMAN VS. KRANG. Batman/TMNT #3 goes on sale February 10th.