Henry Cavill Starts Training For Justice League Part One


Henry Cavill is in the gym working out in preparation for Justice League Part One!

Actor Henry Cavill, the DC Extended Universe Superman, has begun his training regimen to prepare for the role in Justice League Part One.  He took to Facebook yesterday to publish this photo of himself at the gym.  The caption reads: “Warm up phase for Superman training started today! Posting this pic to set myself a minimum goal…and force myself to actually keep going haha!”

Cavill told Empire Magazine in their March issue that he put on 30 pounds of muscle for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but that he will drop down to 10 pounds between each DCEU film.  I’m assuming that his period of being at 10 pounds of muscle is concluding with this news of the beginning of this training regimen.  Justice League Part One is scheduled to begin shooting in the first or second quarter of this year, so he’s probably got a few months now to bulk back up.

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I like the fact that the DCEU Superman is significantly leaner than DCEU Batman.  While seeing them fighting at about the same sizes in The Dark Knight Returns looks good both in the comic and in the animated film, in live-action it looks better if Batman is bigger than Superman, even though he’s not actually as physically strong.  We got a good look at Ben Affleck’s body as Bruce Wayne when he was working out in the Batman v Superman footage that appeared in the DC Films: Dawn of the Justice League special.  Justice League Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017, when we’ll see both heroes on the big screen together for the second time.  Keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of the DCEU and for all your Batman news!